Design pattern using C++

Design pattern are the best practices and guideline that a software engineer can use to solve problem. These guidelines were developed for real issues and proven over time. This course covers close to 20 design pattern in 5 days. Course can be customized for few important design patter based on need. Each pattern is learned with extensive real life examples programming. The programming language choice is C++, Java or C#. Class has about 25% theory and rest design patterns programming.


Candidates should know one object oriented programming languages (C++, Java oe C#) to understand concepts and their usage faster.

Course Contents

1. Design Pattern

  • Overview and History
  • Real life problem and correspnding design pattern association/identification
  • Group developmen and common language enabler
  • Types of design patterns
  • Construction of an Object

2. Creational patterns

  • Singleton
  • Abstract factory
  • Factory Method
  • Builder
  • Prototype
  • Object Pool

3. Structural Design Pattern

  • Why structural design pattern
  • Adaptor
  • Bridge
  • Composite
  • Decorator
  • Flyweight
  • Private Data class

4. Behavioral Patterns

  • Why behavioral design pattern
  • Chain of responsibility
  • Command, Interpreter, Iterator
  • Mediator, Observer
  • Strategy
  • Template Method
  • Visitor
  • NULL object
  • Visitor

6. Misc Patterns

  • Refactoring - Long Method, Class, Parameter, Clumps
  • MVC – Model View Controller
  • Business Delegate
  • Composite Entity
  • Service Locator
  • Transfer Object

Course Duration: 5 days

Training Options:

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  • On-line sessions (Mon to Fri)
    Web conference tools (Audio and Video)

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