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Agile development leads introduction to DevOps. Since the development is happening in iterations, we need to push code in iteration as well. DevOps enables this. This culture change introduces development and Operation teams strong collaboration and new toolset to achieve stability and agility product delivery.

Puppet is configuration management tools. It is used in Infrastructure management and ensure consistence and repeatability. In this course, participants understand what puppet is? And how it is used to automate infrastructure configuration? The Puppet ecosystem and declarative language and real time scenarios are covered with hand-on example. The course is designed 40% theory and 60% hand-on in real master/agent setup on google or AWS cloud. We use Amazon VS, RHEL and Ubuntu server to practice puppet.

The manifests examples are available at


Linux knowledge and scripting language are prerequisite to this course

Course Contents

1. DevOps culture

  • Overview
  • Model, process and team formation
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How an infrastructure is managed?

2. Puppet

  • Overview
  • Eco system
  • Puppet run cycle

3. Introduction to Puppet Infrastructure

  • Introduction to Puppet
  • Installing Puppet Master and Agent
  • Creating a simple node manifest
  • Running Puppet

4. Understanding Puppet Language

  • Modules and Classes
  • Resources
  • Relationships
  • Language Constructs
  • Parameterized Classes
  • Introduction to Inheritance
  • Additional tools (Mcollective/PuppetDB)

5.Managing Applications & Servers

  • Managing Apache servers
  • Creating Apache virtual hosts
  • Managing MySQL and IPTables

6. Managing Users & Resources

  • Managing users with virtual resources
  • Managing users’ SSH access
  • Managing users’ customization files
  • Cleaning up old files
  • Auditing resources
  • Temporarily disabling resources

7. Monitoring, Reporting & Troubleshooting

  • Logging command output
  • Logging debug messages
  • Generating Reports

    Course Duration: 24 hrs or 3 Full Days

    Training Options:

  • Classroom session at client site (Mon—Friday)
  • Classroom sessions (Sat & Sun)
    Career Booster Technologies,
    No.147/10, 4th Floor Krishna Mansion,
    9th Cross, JP Nagar 1st Phase
    Bangalore - 560078.
  • On-line sessions (Mon to Fri)
    Web conference tools (Audio and Video)

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