VFX and Animation

Step into the enchanting realm of visual storytelling with our VFX and Animation course. Immerse yourself in the magic of creating stunning visual effects and bringing characters to life through dynamic animation. With hands-on training from industry professionals, you will master cutting-edge tools and techniques used in top-tier studios. Unleash your imagination as you work on real-world projects, gaining practical experience that sets you apart in the competitive field of VFX and animation. Whether you aspire to work on blockbuster films, captivating games, or innovative virtual experiences, our course provides the perfect Launchpad for your creative journey. 

Course Outline

  • Keying  
  • Compositing  
  • Editing  
  • Matte painting  
  • Camera tracking  
  • Match move  
  • Roto paint  
  • Rotoscopy  
  • Camera projection  
  • 2D Tracking


  • Adobe After Effects  
  • Adobe Premiere Pro  
  • Nuke  or Blender 
  • Maya (Base)  
  • Silhouette 
  • Blender 

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